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Downpatrick Chiropractor :: Brian McElroy

A GP and his wife suggested that I become a Chiropractor!

Downpatrick Chiropractor Brian McElroy and kids

Dr. Brian McElroy

While working as a lifeguard in Mourneview caravan park in Newcastle I met a GP and his wife, who were on holiday. While chatting to them one day I told them that I was looking towards a career in physiotherapy. I knew I wanted a career where I could be of service to others, and help people regain their health and the quality of their lives, while being able to work for myself. The GP suggested that I look into Chiropractic as a career choice. I had never heard of Chiropractic before, but after researching it and visiting a few different Chiropractic offices, I knew that Chiropractic was the career for me!

Chiropractic Education

I studied at AECC (Anglo- European College of Chiropractic) in Bournemouth, England. The course lasted 5 years although at times it felt like much longer! But, work hard play hard was my motto, and in my five years had many an adventure and made a friend or two. There were over 26 nationalities who attended our college which provided great diversity when it came to celebrating each National Holiday!

At Premier Chiropractic

At Premier Chiropractic we believe in “Enriching Life”. We believe that through Chiropractic Care people, who have perhaps tried many other paths of pain relief, can enrich not only their own lives but those of their loved ones with a more natural approach to Health in the 21st Century. Our  hope is that they regain the quality of life that everyone deserves to enjoy. Nowadays people no longer want to pop a pill.

People can cope for weeks, months or even years with pain and suffering what makes them decide to eventually seek relief is that their quality of life diminishes to such an extent that they no longer are willing to put up with the pain that is causing them to lose that quality of life.

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